Zaffar has over 500 testimonies from happy people who have followed his principles. People are happy (and often ecstatic!) when they find something that can really change their lives.

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If you read Zaffar's 36 eBooks, you do not need to read any book on motivation, achieving goals, or books on relationships with your spouse, children, real estate, marketing or business ? in last 50 years I have not read the material you have written and so simple - Thank You Zaffar - John Webb

John Webb, Real Estate Guru, Australia

"It is my pleasure and privilege to know Zaffar Iqubal Khan and to commend his exciting e-book entitled ?Don?s Just Think & Grow Rich?. In a marketplace full of motivation for ordinary people shocked by the global financial crisis Zaffar inspires us through an extraordinary combination of rational and creative intelligence to make our own circumstances happy and successful by achieving our goals and dreams on a massive scale.
Applying his customary scientific method with scrupulous attention to detail he unpacks a unique 5 step system captivatingly illustrated in an attractive format using interesting examples, quotations and stories. Zaffar?s basic ingredients including loyalty to values, focused and consistent knowledge and actions, quiet planning and goal setting with energetic and wholehearted execution, intelligent work technologically facilitated and lateral thinking enriched, constructive responsiveness to external change and taking small steps to achieve big results, are woven together with intricate skill, inimitable wit and infectious enthusiasm into a formidable and empowering gospel.
This work represents the distilled wisdom of a brilliant entrepreneur and great human being who has through courage, tenacity and dogged determination experienced and used every failure and disappointment as a spur to even bigger and more beautiful success.
Zaffar?s potent formula combines imagination and persistence to help you achieve outstanding results in your professional and personal life. And I am absolutely certain that his principal rationale for this publication is not profit but a passionate desire to demonstrate one of the most powerful ideas in his book and his life-sharing. Let this superb writer and teacher be your mentor. A literary miracle of disappointment transformed into delight. "

Christopher Wiltshire, Australia

"Hey Zaffar. When I read the incredible story of your life, it really hit a nerve. You see, I too was bankrupted. And believe me, there is nowhere lower in your life when this happens. But I have been clawing my way back, and I have found that your 5 practical steps have really helped me get my head together and to know where I am going. I love the concept of the miracle with 20 disappointments - this is real world stuff, not just something out of a textbook."
Avram, Israel

"I thought that the The Secret and the Law of Attraction would make me wealthy, but your book Don?t Just Think & Grow Rich has moved me to a different level. There is obviously so much more involved in becoming wealthy, but your 5 steps really have shown me how and now I am reaping the rewards. Zaffar - you are a profound legend to have come up with these steps."
Barbara McGow, Colorado

"I am a devout Christian and had always thought that using secret steps like these went against my beliefs. But I have found your wisdom and logic of the 5 steps completely compatible with my Christian beliefs plus have unleashed an avalanche of cash into my bank account. Bob and I cannot thank you enough for teaching us the 5 steps."
Vesna, Cape Town, South Africa
"I always thought this s**t was only for oldies, but I scammed a copy of your book from somewhere lol. But it is really kickin. What sort of name is Zaffar........"

Mel C