Introduction to the Mind

Awareness opens your mind to believe in yourself and your potential and enables you to focus your mind on what you want to accomplish, so increasing your power and ability to move ahead.  When you are aware of and identify with your inner self you operate in love, limitless power and shared abundance; life becomes simpler and more satisfying.  Without a firm foundation of creative thoughts life produces fear, weakness and lack.  Change can be difficult but it is important to stop thinking that circumstances and people have the power to harm you.  It is important to understand that nothing can stand between you and what you dare to radiate out through your thoughts, feelings and words.

How the Mind Works

We have two minds, the conscious and unconscious (or subconscious) and part of the subconscious forms the creative level of mind.  Your conscious mind records and processes information and has the ability to create.  It judges, remembers and compares, evaluates and analyses what it perceives through the five senses.  It can, however, make mistakes and judgements may be incorrect because it perceives the world through filters of perception with your prejudices and beliefs, colouring every decision. 

The subconscious mind is vastly larger than the conscious mind and far more powerful.  It stores our memories and controls the way we live by creating everything in our lives according to the instructions we give it.  If you send positive messages of success, it will produce success.  If you send negative messages it will produce failure.

Making the Brain Work in your Favour

Paradigms are sets of belief systems that act as filters of perception influencing our decision-making and actions.  It is only when we become aware of our words and actions and consciously begin to change our thinking from hate to love and from fear to confidence that new information comes into view that will produce fresh perspectives.  When we begin to recognise how powerfully our subconscious thoughts affect our perceptions, we are more careful of what we say and more observant of our own thinking.  It is this constant cleaning of our unconscious filters of perception that enable us to view the world differently, make new decisions and reshape our reality.

Willingness to Change

Change is a matter of choice.  You can accept conditions as they exist or accept responsibility for changing those conditions for the better.  If you are willing to change, start by believing in yourself and your potential and give yourself time to make the changes.  Change must begin at the subconscious level and be carried out at the creative level of your mind. Associate with successful people and focus your thoughts on your strengths.  When you determine to change you will put more effort into everything you do and you will have better results.  Despite difficulties that may arise, persevere in following your vision, keep your faith in yourself strong and unwavering and you will succeed.



A cyclone derives its power from a calm centre and so do we.  Power comes from quietness, from time spent alone.  If you want to make the right choices in life it is important to slow down and control your thought processes.  If you don’t give yourself time to think or examine your ideas properly, you will make mistakes.  Time spent alone allows you to formulate your thinking about the goals you need to set and the plans needed to attain those goals.  Use one hour alone to transform intangible desires into tangible reality and begin your journey to success.


Take time out and begin by determining exactly what your own personal vision, mission and goals are by spending one hour alone.  This should be done on a regular basis.  Think about what you hope to achieve and expand on ideas that will move you to action.  Relax, but remain mentally alert and receptive and gently let your mind expand on your vision and goals and prepare to write everything down.

Your vision is important because it is the foundation for your goals.  It requires engagement on a daily basis, which is called a mission and this is your path to accomplish your vision.  The steps to achieve your mission are called goals. 

To produce results you must first find a clear purpose and specify your goal.  Define your goal exactly - clearly and specifically and draw up a potential plan.  Your goal should be written out in detail; an ambiguous goal leads to ambiguous results.  Always begin with the end in mind and focus on the outcome.  Goals will need constant review.

Values are distinctly different from goals in that they are usually the qualities behind what you are seeking.  They are the standards you live by and you will tend to be drawn to people with common values which creates greater productivity when working together.


Strategies are your blueprint for success; the underlying principles which determine your action plan for achieving your goal.  It gives you the ability to look at the big picture.

Planning and its subsequent action will play a vital role in your success; just keep it simple.  To do it effectively, develop your plan and prioritise specific tasks.  Keep planning flexible and try to stick to the desired end result as much as possible.


When you write down your overall plan, break it down into smaller, more manageable and achievable tasks.  Having a dynamic and active plan for each day, week and month will provide a sense of direction and allow you to focus your energy on opportunities to grow and improve.  Make sure the actions you take are on track toward the fulfilment of your goal.  Obstacles may arise and plans may need to change, but don’t let that change your goal.  Persistence and perseverance will lead you to success.



A good definition for success is the persistent achievement of a challenging, worthy goal.  Without a goal in life you are like a boat without a rudder, moving in circles, never arriving at your destination.  Goals are concrete actions which are measurable so you can judge their progress and they are related to a definite time period.  To achieve your goal you must first know the result you want to achieve, how long it will take to achieve it and be clear and specific about how you intend to get there.  When you have set your goal and you are engaging it on a daily basis, you will find a way to make it become a reality.  Goals must be set continually and, like a ladder, climbed one rung – or goal – at a time.  The achievement of each goal can be an encouragement on the road to greater achievement.


If you want to succeed in your given area, it will be necessary to equip yourself by gaining some knowledge – some skills – to enable you to weigh up the pros and cons of possible paths to take.  Find out enough information to be able to work your plan but do not spend all your time gaining knowledge because time is limited.  Keep your mind open and receptive to opportunities that can help you make further progress.  Listen, analyse and evaluate all that you see and hear.  You are responsible for whether you move forward or stand still.  If you are willing to learn, willing to master your business, willing to keep an open mind, then you can succeed at anything you put your mind to.  Maintain an attitude of preparedness and be diligent to learn.  The right knowledge will help you find a formula for handling difficulties that present themselves more than once.


Learning through personal experience is one way to gain the wisdom you need for success but it can be expensive in time and in overcoming mistakes.  Diligently search for the knowledge you need through books, DVD’s, videos and the internet.  The more you understand about a subject, the more confident you will become in your decision-making.  It is also wise to ask for help from people who have the wisdom, the experience and the knowledge you need.  Ask intelligently and be specific.  Gaining knowledge is an investment in effort so listen to people who are prepared to teach you and learn their attitudes and strategies.  They can help you achieve your goal more quickly and easily than if you try to do it all yourself.


Share your goals and plans with someone who knows about strategies and can refine your thinking; a person who has developed and proven the principles over many years with positive results.  Such a person is a mentor.  They are people with whom you can share your hopes and aspirations, confident they will help you reach and grasp your dream.  Mentors can help you expand your thinking and provide you with the principles you need to take you to success or if you cannot find Mentor or Coach, then get at least an honest business partner.



To engage on a daily basis means to have an intense relationship with what you are doing, each and every day.  It means putting your thoughts to work through action to continuously move toward your goal.  You will experience ups and downs, obstacles and setbacks, and sometimes changes in direction; however, resourcefulness, determination and persistence will minimise the impact of any interference with your achievement.

Engagement on a daily basis can be difficult but it is powerful because it takes strength of character and integrity to carry it out and it can be the difference between mediocrity and excellence.  Your key to success is the dedication you bring to a course of action and the responsibility you take for ensuring the action is properly executed.

Faith and Energy vs. Discouragement:  Faith will give you power over any difficulties that arise and courage is the ability to control fear and discouragement which can stop the flow of power and frustrate your best efforts.  Don’t give in to low spirits but be bold and make a deliberate decision to step out of your comfort zone.  Energy gives you mental alertness and purpose and allows attention to detail.  When you balance your life between work and play your energy levels will remain high.


Begin with the end in mind and focus your action on achieving results.  When you focus on one major project at a time you will yield excellent results.  Where the focus goes the energy flows so focus your mind and energy on the highest priority at hand

Obstacles and Perseverance:  As soon as you engage to act toward a goal, obstacles will appear; it merely means you are on course to your goal.  Develop the habit of converting obstacles into opportunities.  If you have the will and determination, you will find a way.

Handling Change:  No matter what your goals, change is inevitable and whenever change is involved it means there is an opportunity for growth.   When you open yourself to change, you open yourself to a new dimension of endless possibilities.


Being consistent means having an action plan which you engage in daily to achieve results that are measurable.  Consistent action is producing the required results with undivided and unwavering resolve.  Consistent persistence is the prelude to excellence.

Plan to do much, much more than is necessary to accomplish your goal and then take substantial action in massive quantities.  Massive action is when you are truly determined to do something and prepared to take massive action to achieve it.  It invites your potential to unfold producing life, growth and vitality.  Make decisions that will empower you and fully engage in what you are doing; it may be the difference between mediocrity and greatness.


Persistence produces the power of achievement despite opposition, obstacles or rejection.  It enables you to forge ahead and if there is a need to detour around an obstacle you will be able to do it for every negative has a positive and every loss a potential gain. With persistence you can keep hope alive, show loyalty to your goal and when you have accomplished your purpose, you will know how to share.


Persistence is never giving up what you have set out to do despite opposition and challenges.  When you work on any big goal, your determination will wax and wane; however, it’s not your determination that will produce results – it’s your action!  Persistence is the ability to maintain action regardless of your feelings and get results. 

Passion comes from the values at the core of your being.  Persistence channels the intensity of passion and makes it work in a focused and productive manner.  Balance is wisdom when you balance each goal with your other goals and your life is happy, dynamic and purposeful. A positive and happy attitude to life will give you energy, determination and wisdom to persist and overcome challenges you meet on your journey to success.  Repetition is important to change old, unwanted habits into new habits of persistence, resolute determination and purpose if your goal is to be realised.  You may have twenty disappointments before you reach your goal but you will continue to persist until failure turns into success.


When failure happens don’t give up – look for a detour.  Think of your journey as a road trip and failure as a roadblock.  You have three options.  You can turn back and give up completely, you can site at the roadblock and do nothing or you can follow the ‘detour’ sign to your destination, i.e. the successful achievement of your goal.  To be successful you must think ‘outside the box’.  You need to be highly creative, flexible, adaptable and resilient, always prepared to learn something new.  The key to success to day is to keep an open mind and continue learning as fast as you can.  Staying power against opposition, obstacles, resistance and rejection is essential to overcome difficulties and the most successful people look for new solutions, find their detour and refuse to give up.  Focus on the solution and you will overcome any set-backs.  You control your mind; don’t submit that control to any other human being.  Persist, endure and you will achieve.


Hope is the expectation of future good and hope always exists within you.  When faced with defeat, stay focused and remain loyal to your goal.  Persistence empowers your purpose and develops amazing results.  Despite 20 disappointments you will have overcome along the way, being loyal to your goal will produce faith in yourself and a strong resolution to succeed.  Be prepared to share and provide value to others without requiring anything in return.  The process of sharing with others is powerful and the object is to do it often and make it part of your quality of life.