Power of Love

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Love is a wonderful gift of nature; with love you can achieve almost anything in the entire world

Love extends your borders and crosses every boundary and unlike any other force the power of love only works when it is given away.

Learn the skill of giving love by reading this book.

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Power of Love

LOVE! When released, it is the most powerful force in the world, a force with the appearance of weakness but which is stronger than any other force in existence. Love has unequalled power because it is the power that unifies the whole world and everything in it.

Love is the purest of all relationships, something that makes us feel special every moment. We all have a lot of love inside us but while it stays there it is without power; it is dormant. The power of love only works when it is given away and to make the power work, we need to make a conscious decision to let it flow out from us to others.

The power of love never fails. There is nothing more important than learning to love. Every other force of your spirit derives its action from love. Love’s behaviour is patient and kind. It doesn’t behave rudely or selfishly and it isn’t touchy. Love believes in and draws out the best in all people. We are all born love creatures so you can live the love life.

To walk in love is the highest spiritual experience there is, yet it is evidenced by service to others. Perhaps that is why so many people erroneously see love as a weakness. Instead, take steps to deliberately develop love in your life. Don’t let it lie dormant within you. Love will strengthen you in every area of your life so build up your family on love; build your friendships on love; build your business on love and you will prosper. Love never fails – no good thing works without it and there can be no failure with it. When you live by love you cannot be defeated.

Gain the power of love by reading this book

What is Love?

First, let us be quite clear about what love is not. It is not the pop-culture view of love that sweeps you off your feet and gives you instant gratification. It is not an infatuation which feels good but doesn’t last, or the unrealistic images you see and hear on television and radio. In this day and age where sexual connotations are thrust in our face day after day, it is no wonder people have a twisted idea of what love means. In today’s culture there is great misunderstanding about the true meaning of love.

Instead, love is the greatest of all powers, a power which can only work when it is given away. Love unshared is not love at all. Love is a river which, when it is released, permeates and soaks everything in its path. Love is patient and steadfast and it endures and protects. Love is uplifting and inspiring; love is healing; love is thoughtfulness and being concerned for the well-being of others. Love is a deep, tender, unutterable feeling of caring and empathy with another person but love is shown best in action when we actually allow it to flow through us as we act compassionately and with loving kindness to others. Love is the eternal truth in the history of mankind.

Helen Keller, who was blind and deaf, once said, “Love is not a vague and aimless sentiment, but a desire for good, united with wisdom and fulfilled in work and deed.” She also said, “Our acts must be measured by how lovingly we do them”.

There is love and there is unconditional love. Unconditional love is a fruit of our spirit. When exercised toward our neighbour it is not an impulsive action from our feelings and it does not always operate just on natural inclinations, nor does it spend itself only on those with whom it has a rapport. Unconditional love seeks everyone’s wellbeing without harming anyone; it seeks the opportunity to do good to all peoples of the world.

Unconditional love shows boundless compassion, accepting people as they are, caring for them and appreciating their humanity. Love does not judge and compare, instead, it understands and forgives and overflows with blessings, as it attends to peoples’ needs.

Conditional love is a second-rate love which says I will love you only if you do something for me. This ‘love’ is merely emotional blackmail, the stirring up of sympathetic or guilt feelings in somebody in order to persuade them to do something that will suit the giver. It can also be condescending by nature as it implies that someone is graciously lowering themselves to the level of someone less important. The third type of conditional love is the one that expects the other person to change. Anyone who thinks they can change another person is foolish. No one wants to feel they can only be loved and accepted by someone if they change according to the wants and desires of that person.

Then there is the commercialisation of love on days such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas. It is easy to be engulfed in the commercial appeal of these holidays when it is love that is supposed to be celebrated. The temptation to get caught up in the moment is great but worth resisting. Celebrate the love not the gifts.

Genuine, unconditional love is known by the actions it prompts and is the capacity to “will the good of another”. When you can do that, you identify when affection is real and when it is not. Love is not showy, it is kind and gentle; it offers help and takes care of the needs of others. In turn it attracts reciprocal love from the hearts of others. Love can be passionate though and when shared with others can bring people to a closer understanding, a warmer relationship. It brings about an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity. Love breaks down the barriers of selfishness, hatred, misunderstanding and fear.

The achievements of genuine love are many and are shown in the following results: truth, honesty, kindness, co-operation, empathy, generosity, goodwill, trust, willingness to co-operate in finding peaceful solutions, willingness to help those in need, or wherever help is required, understanding, humility, generosity, comradeship, reconciliation, true happiness.

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