The Power of Results-Oriented-Tasks

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What are Results-Oriented Tasks?

They are tasks which keep the end in mind when taking the action required to gain a result. A results-oriented approach is flexible which makes it easier to handle unexpected difficulties, without becoming stressed. Results-oriented tasks often make up only 5%-7% of your business and they are part of the 20 per cent of effort which produce 80 per cent of the outcomes..

How can I do Results-Oriented Tasks?

Decide what you want to accomplish and choose the best and quickest method to arrive at your goal.  Take the time to stand back and study the actions performed each day and see where the results are coming from then invest more time and effort into those areas.  If you want a successful business you must constantly focus on the results you want and then put in the effort to attain those results so you can make progress and creatively grow your business.

What are the benefits of Results-Oriented Tasks?

Focusing on results-oriented thinking brings progress and growth to your work and where there is progress and growth there is prosperity. At every level of your life, you increase your value when you make an effort to get results. Results are in direct proportion to effort and productivity is the value of the business. When you are results focused you become purpose driven and action-oriented and reach your goal sooner.


There is great value in completing results-oriented tasks when it comes to getting things done and raising productivity. There are two main keys to aid you in arriving at the conclusion you want. The first key is action, for when you act, keeping the end in mind, you achieve. The second key is versatility ? being multi-faceted in your abilities. This helps you handle whatever unexpected changes or difficulties which may occur, without becoming stressed.
There are so many tasks that each business must perform daily, weekly and monthly and yet only a very small proportion of these tasks will actually be results-oriented, that is, tasks that will produce results and value for the business. Daily you need to appraise your performance and make sure you are working on the right tasks, producing the right performance and getting the right results. You need to know what you want to accomplish and the best methods to use to get there. A business must plan, organise, prioritise, lead, communicate and keep track of the projects, tasks and issues that will always arise. Performance can be improved by always keeping the end in mind and spending as much time as possible on tasks which are results-oriented.
Productive performance in business or on a personal level comes from the values you develop deep within yourself, so if you want to be successful you must look to yourself first; you increase your value when you continue to improve yourself. People are discovering the remarkable power that is results-oriented thinking. They are taking responsibility for the results produced by old negative thinking habits. Results-oriented thinking trains the subconscious mind to create your reality as you want it by the use of positive and creative thinking. It is important to think about and see the big picture, determine why you want a particular result and then plan how to go about achieving it.
Too often, both in business and in their personal lives, people are caught up too easily in the mundane day to day activities and lose sight of what should be their main focus ? achieving results. Many people have so many strings to their bow they believe they must be doing well because they are so busy. Too late they find that all that busyness did not bring in the desired results. Results-oriented people tend to keep the end in mind and they look for the best and fastest way to get there. They want a result and the direction taken to get there is not important so they focus on the kind of action that will move them toward the result they want. Advantages of the results-oriented approach are flexibility and the need for action. The anticipation of a result releases a lot of potential energy which tends to make the journey enjoyable and exciting.
There are a number of processes that are necessary to carry on business such as management, administration and operations. The operational processes are the core business because they deliver value and they are results-oriented. In business, productivity is the value of the business and part of the challenge is to determine the right mix of process and results orientation in order to add the value needed to produce the greatest returns.
Results-oriented tasks often make up only 5-7 percent of the business. It is important, therefore, to know precisely what those tasks are and work on them to lift their percentage in business and personal tasking. Knowing and making use of your results-oriented tasks will give you the power to set vital priorities which will make the difference between failure, survival and success. Look at where the results are coming from and concentrate on those areas. When you are results focused you become purpose driven and action oriented.

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