The Power of Helping Others

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What do you mean by ‘helping others’?

Being aware of the needs of those around you and caring for them is a catalyst which brings relationships closer and engenders trust. Helping others is giving from the heart without expecting anything in return and always with the other person’s best interests in mind; it is never meant to be selfish.

How can I Help Others?

You can help others by caring for and respecting people and by giving of your time generously. Share your training and learning experiences and give guidance, encouragement and support. Look around and listen; there is always someone in need of some help and it is merely a matter of being prepared to put yourself “in another’s moccasins” and do what is necessary to make a difference in someone’s life.

What are the benefits of helping others?

If you want happiness, contentment and a sense of achievement, then help another human being. If you want to reach your potential, then first help someone else reach their potential. If you want something good to happen to you, then you need to do something good for somebody else.


It is easy to become involved in your own never-ending activities but when you help someone you step outside yourself and see the world from a different perspective. When you are genuinely able to give someone else a helping hand, it will always be a fulfilling experience. Helping doesn’t mean that you have to go out of your way; it just means that when opportunities present themselves you seize them and make someone’s life easier. We all have busy lives, but if we stopped and helped others a little more often we would be much happier within ourselves and build a sense of community, appreciation and gratitude.

It is a well-known principle that if you want to get the most out of your life, to reach your potential, you must first help another to reach their potential. There is a Chinese proverb which says, “A giver is more fortunate than a receiver”. That is because, not only does it increase the value of the relationship in proportion to the amount of time you invest in it, the giver receives so much more in return.

It is uplifting to be of service to others, giving them encouragement and support, helping people so they can become the best they can be. You can do this by giving of your time generously and caring for people while respecting their situation. Caring is vitally important because it is a catalyst which brings relationships closer and engenders trust. Respect is something that must be earned. When you genuinely respect other people’s ideas, opinions and accomplishments they will respect you in return. They will also be open to your influence and since influence is power it must not be misused. To sincerely help others you must focus on and keep the process completely about them; remember you are helping people reach their potential, helping them discover their agenda and goals, not yours.

To help others reach their potential will take guidance, encouragement and support. Share your training and learning experiences with them if they are helpful. Once you learn more about what they aspire to, you will be more aware of what can be done to help them move closer to their goal. As you succeed in helping one person, you will be encouraged to help others and your life will become more fulfilled.

Whenever you give with the right spirit your giving will not take from you but rather it causes you to be blessed in return. When you help someone, you actually gain the most out of the experience. The farmer works hard tilling the soil and planting the seeds, giving them to the ground and when they are harvested he will have multiplied his seed many times over. When you plant seeds of kindness and generosity wherever you go you will find yourself surrounded by people who will want to reciprocate and the help you receive will be multiplied many times over.

If you want happiness and contentment, then give of yourself to another. You will find so many people to whom you can give, whether it is giving of your time, your talents, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on or just a smile that someone needed. Helping others doesn’t mean that you have to go out of your way to find people to help; it just means that when opportunities present themselves you seize them and make someone’s life easier.

There is no better way to enrich your own life than by enriching the lives of others. Helping people can give you a sense of purpose and reaffirm your belief in yourself. As you interact with people your purpose in life may be revealed; you have talents and abilities that you can use to help others and make you feel worthwhile. When you help people you go into a situation which you can change for the better and this can give you’re a sense of accomplishment.

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