The Power of Focus

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What is Focus?

Focus is a positive, single-minded, single-purposed determination to concentrate all your effort on a goal until that goal has been reached.

How can I Focus?

Become tuned in and turned on to every detail of the object of your focus and refuse to be distracted. Remind yourself of your goal daily and always evaluate what you are doing; if it doesn?t get you closer to your goal ask yourself why you are doing it. Reinforce your focus by taking action to make progress and apply your time and energy for maximum benefit toward your goal.

What are the Benefits of Focus?

When you harness the power of focus you will not compromise your vision or be swayed by circumstances and you are less likely to become distracted. When you focus on one goal and you do well, others will notice and other opportunities may present themselves. When you take the right action and focus on the end result, you will prevail and you will succeed.


You have the choice to allow yourself to be constantly distracted by bad habits and difficulties, which lead to failure, or you can determine to become master of your thoughts and choose to focus on achieving success in your chosen field. If you make the effort and focus on making the achievement of your goal a priority, you will realise your dreams.

Focus has power! It has power because whatever thought, whatever idea, your mind focuses on will become evident in your life. Whatever is the object of your focus, it will be magnetically attracted to you. When you concentrate and focus your attention on an object or idea, your mind gives power to that object or idea. Truly it has been said, ?Where the attention goes, the power flows?. If you focus on the negative, that is what will manifest in your life, so keep your focus on creative and productive things you want to achieve and if you keep your focus on the end result, even through difficulties, you will reap your reward.

Knowing what you want is not enough. Wishing or hoping is of little value. It is determined desire that gives the needed momentum and inspiration to focus on what you want to achieve. Are you focusing on the past, the present or the future? Focusing on the past can only bring failure because you cannot create anything that has already passed. Many people concentrate their focus on the present, on what is in front of them without any forward thinking. The most creative and productive focus is to focus on present activities in the context of your long-term goals. Focus on what needs to be done to attain your goal keeping the big picture in mind.

The secret of success is to focus on doing fewer things well. Choose your projects wisely because success in anything is all about planning, preparation and an absolute, laser-like focus on the end result. You must love what you are doing or you will not make it to the end. Be clear in your vision and your focus and focus your energy into taking decisive action each and every day.

There is a saying, ?The successful man is the average man, focused?. If you wish to successfully achieve your goal your focus must remain consistently strong in one direction. Positive, single-minded, single-purposed focus will give you the power to overcome distractions. If you try to concentrate on too many things at once it will produce a scatter-gun approach which will eventually disempower you. The world is full of distractions so you must train your mind to build a long-term habit of positive and consistent focus by taking control of your thoughts. Your thoughts control your emotions and your emotions can shift your focus and dictate your actions.

Success depends on the choices you make. A lack of focus brings, at best, distractions which take your mind off what you are doing. At worst, it will bring failure. Choose where your focus should be and choose wisely. When you are making your choice you will have to decide what efforts will make the most difference and then direct your attention in that direction. Limit your choices; remember you can only do one thing at a time so don?t over-commit yourself. Life will challenge you and test your resolve, but if you keep your focus, engage on a daily basis and take the right action and persist, you will prevail. Learn how to harness the power of focus and you will succeed.

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