The Power of Change

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What is "change"?

Change is the core of life because anything that remains the same stagnates and dies. Water must move and change to support life and so must everything else if it wants to live. Like the waves of the ocean, change has great power and it is unstoppable and inevitable. Change is how life continues ? it is flexibility and being prepared to do something differently.

How can I change?

Rather than resist change, be productive and flexible and ?go with the flow?. Make positives out of negatives; you can change your life by changing your perceptions and your actions. If you understand that change is inevitable, you can anticipate it and use it to your advantage, rather than just react to change when it comes. Relax and be open to possibilities, use innovative thinking and create new opportunities.

What are the benefits of change?

When you are prepared to adapt and learn to deal with the inevitability of change you are more able to control and enjoy it so you can use it to benefit your future. You will suffer less stress that those who try to fight it and you will be more confident and enjoy more success in your work and in your life.


Change is inevitable because it is part of life. You can be defeated by it, you can survive it or you can make change work for you and use it as a stepping stone to better things. The attitudes and beliefs of those who choose the latter response will be the ones who will accomplish whatever they set out to do. Be wise and keep a balanced perspective about changes in your life. Stay relaxed, flow with change and use it to your advantage. Use the power of change to boldly take hold of life and follow your dreams.
To live without change is to die. Change on both the world front and on a personal level has been with us from the beginning of time; it is a fundamental law of life. We changed from a baby to a child and from a child to an adult. Our world changes around us constantly. There will always be positive and negative change in life. There are desirable changes such as finding a better job, making more money and starting life anew with someone you love. On the negative side, you may lose a loved one or work changes may not be what you wanted or you may find yourself in a position of need. There will always be twists and turns in life that we don?t plan for and have no control over, so how can change be handled? Change is how life continues so rather than resist it, it is far more productive to ?go with the flow? and become actively engaged in your constantly evolving life.

We all crave stability and certainty but there is really no such thing because the only constant in life is change and our circumstances will change whether we like it or not. Instead of seeing change as a threat to cause pain or being confused by it and thus resisting it, believe that it is possible for you to change, modify your thinking, take courage in both hands and become aware that change can produce positive power in your life.

There are three main responses to change and these responses will depend to a great extent on how you use the information from your attitudes and your belief system. You can be defeated by it, you can survive it or you can make the changes work for you and use them as stepping stones to better things. The first response says, ?I can?t cope with this and I refuse to change?. These people just hope change will go away and leave them alone, but it is a futile hope. The second response sounds better than the first but it doesn?t seem to be a great way to face life. The problem with this approach is that people just get by because they are not sure how to manage change. The third response is the best way to handle it. These people rise above whatever has thrown them out of their comfort zone and look for a way of making use of the change. So many people have come from humble circumstances, yet by working through changes in their lives and keeping a positive attitude they have reached the pinnacle of success and prosperity.

Learning to anticipate and adapt to change quickly takes flexibility. When you welcome change you are more able to control it and enjoy it so you can use it to benefit your future. Relax and be open to possibilities. Go ahead and challenge yourself by being innovative and by creating your own opportunities. When you learn to deal with the inevitability of change you will suffer less stress, you will be more confident and enjoy more success in your work and personal life.

Learn to know your strengths and weaknesses and allow change to teach you how you can accomplish your dreams. Use your strengths to maximise your abilities when times are difficult. When you understand how change is impacting your life you will be able to master it; when you master it and manage it wisely you will be able to control your future.

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