Pain Free Life, Physically & Emotionally


Every To use the words "pain" and "free" in the same sentence would seem to be a contradiction in terms. It can, however, be achieved in both the physical and emotional areas of our lives.

Pain can erupt into our daily living in a number of ways. Physical pain is the easiest to understand. It can come as the ache of a tension headache from overwork or it can be a sharp muscular pain from over-exercise. It can be acute or chronic. Either way, it makes its presence felt by sending messages to our brain to let us know something is wrong and we should always take the time to find, and if possible, take away the cause. There is, however, another form of pain that often takes more time and effort to deal with. That is emotional pain and the causes can come in the form of the hardships and challenges of life from difficult relationships to failure in business.

Fortunately pain, whether physical or emotional, is a matter of perception and that means we can control how much we allow it to intrude into our lives. We have the power of choice to either allow pain to dominate our lives or we can make a decision to direct how much attention we wish to give it so we can live a healthy, vibrant and productive life.

Our bodies are an infinitely intricate and complicated grouping of living organs and tissues combined with a powerful mind and spirit. Mind and body function together in ways that cannot be explained in mechanical terms because they unite to form a living, breathing person.

There may be times when we need to rely on an outside source, such as a doctor or psychologist, for medical help. If that is necessary then it should be carried out by a professional. It is important to have a medical assessment to rule out any malignant or treatable causes for your physical pain and if it can be treated it should be. This book does not seek to cure anything for that is a doctor's domain.

The best person to achieve optimum health, however, is the one who owns that body and mind - you! It is your home and every function and activity of your system is dependent on the attention you give it. You have the best capacity, know-how and interest to use your physical, emotional and spiritual powers to look after yourself 24 hours of every day. The health choices you make throughout your life determine your ability to withstand the challenges that may arise

When something goes wrong in one part of the body a holistic approach is needed to bring you back to vibrant good health. That means taking into account physical and mental conditions in overcoming the problem. Too often only the physical component is addressed and although exercise, good diet and adequate sleep are important, unless the mental and emotional component is included you cannot fully gain empowerment and control over your situation. You may not be able to fully change the circumstances but you can explore how you are thinking about them. Discouragement and depression at best can weaken your body and at worst bring disease. Physical pain is made worse by adding mental pain on top and emotional problems will take over your life if you don't control your thoughts.

There are ways to overcome physical and emotional pain without drugs and they all begin with your attitude. We have been given a wonderful mind that can do things beyond what we can ever consciously think about so open yourself to what can be and allow yourself room to work through the expansions and contractions of life, through good times and bad and you will come to celebrate all that is vitality and wellness.

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