5 Steps to happy wife & life

About the book

This book teaches how you can have a happy and fulfilling life with your partner.

It includes your emotional and spiritual connection, total understanding between you, the freedom of trust and security and enjoyment of each other’s company.

It is so easy to please your partner by doing small and common sense things. Just read this book and please your wife, and have a happy life.

Book Preview:

5 Steps to Happy Wife & Life

Most of us, at some point in life, have heard the saying "Happy Wife, Happy Life." Yes?

But how many of us have actually thought about what it means – if, indeed, it means anything at all?

Can it really be that the secret to having a "happy life" is simply making sure your wife has a smile on her face? Because, let´s face it, being married is enough to make a woman happy – isnt it? Well...perhaps not quite.

Contrary to popular belief, women really aren´t that hard to figure out, and most of the things that make them happy stem from basic common courtesy and thoughtfulness on the husband´s part. After all, men made the effort in the courtship days, why should they stop trying to please her just because they put a ring on her finger?

Think about it. When your wife is stressed or tired, or feeling everyone´s needs are being met but hers, how does it really affect your home? It´s common to hear men saying that they don´t want to go home because "the missus just yells" at them, or they don´t know what´s wrong because "she never smiles anymore." But how often do husbands actually wonder if there´s something they could be doing that might help change it all?

Unfortunately, marriage didn´t come with a "How To" Guide so we pretty much just jump in at the deep and have to swim without drowning. How to have a successful marriage isn´t something that´s easy, and all we usually know about it is what we´ve seen with our own parents. But there is much more to marriage than your mother could tell you and than your father knew. Times were different then and the demands on the modern marriage are much stronger now so we have to learn on our own how to handle our own individual situations.

In a nutshell, women need to be nurtured and men want to nurture them. The only problem is that men and women are poles apart in their make-up and tend to have big problems when it comes to communicating with and understanding each other. So we need to learn about our own partners and our own marriages on our own – and, as humans, we learn by our mistakes. We won´t always get it right straight off, but as long as we are prepared to pick up, dust ourselves off and try again with a new approach we have a much better chance of making it last.

At some point, in reading this book, you may feel "why is it all up to me?" By no means are we implying that your wife just has to sit back and let you do all the work. But if you are reading this yourself, you are probably in that personal place that means you are in need of a change of direction for your family and your marriage, and change has to start somewhere. Good advice will always be hard to come by and you may have to filter out the advice that is relevant to your situation and what isn´t. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to every marriage.

While this book is by no means a "comprehensive guide" to making your marriage successful, it contains simple, practical tips that men may want to consider that will make their wife happier (and no, the chapters and points are not listed in any particular order). And, by adopting just a few of the pointers included here, it will surely play some part in helping men to have that happier life, peace of mind and a GREAT PERSONAL AND BUSINESS LIFE WITH HAPPY WIFE.

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