The Power of Awareness

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What is Awareness?

Awareness is the foundation for the self-image you need to have if you are to be effective in reaching your goals. It is an understanding of how your own mind works and how your belief system is formed so that you are able to make any necessary changes through your thoughts to attract success..

How can I become Aware?

To excel you must be aware of the elements that are needed to contribute to your success. These elements, or principles, begin with a vision of what you want to accomplish followed by goal-setting to help you achieve your vision. To become aware you will need an open mind free from prejudice and receptive to new ideas and you must choose the thoughts and actions that will lead to success rather than failure.

What are the benefits of being Aware?

Awareness gives you life and vitality and it allows you to focus on what you want to accomplish. When you are aware, you are more likely to watch that your thoughts and words are positive and you will believe in yourself and your potential. You will spend more time with, and learn from, successful people. Awareness gives you creativity which is a magnet for good things to be attracted to you.


Your mind is an amazing and powerful tool. For the mind to become your ally, you must become aware of how it works and use that knowledge to your full advantage. Begin by believing in yourself and your potential. Raise your awareness of any problems you may currently face in your life and continue to have the courage to seek change for the better. It means becoming conscious of what needs to change and how to manage it. To do this be aware of then observe and study the experiences of successful people and you will begin to walk in their footsteps.
Awareness is the basis for excellence in every area of your life. It is empowering as it allows you to open your mind and see yourself and the world around you without the filters of perception that usually blinker your beliefs. Awareness frees you from prejudice, judgements and false expectations and builds creativity which lets you see the big picture. It is your source for innovative thinking and allows you to think in terms of values and creating value.

Your mind is your power for accomplishing your highest aspirations. It can become your ally if you become aware of how the mind works and use that knowledge to full advantage or it can be your worst enemy if you use only your reactive mind which, at its core, allows the paradigm of limiting beliefs to control its output. Closed-minded people react to life?s events, circumstances and other people?s behaviours and with their limiting beliefs they reject the ideas, beliefs, opinions and influence of others; their thoughts are in the realm of fear, distrust, weakness and lack.

The creative mind is completely the opposite. It thinks holistically and says ?I dare to change my world as I wish.? Those who are aware of and use their creative mind believe they are powerful, creative, connected, loved, safe and secure and whole. They know that whatever system of the mind you centre your attention upon steadily, constantly and deliberatively in your thoughts, feelings and expectations, forms the experiences of life. What you radiate or deliberately entertain mentally, you constantly attract.

Be aware that each of us is a magnet. If we are in a tense, critical, anxious, unforgiving, reactive state of mind then that will be a magnet for all kinds of trouble and failure. Instead, there is great power in thinking of your desires and developing a positively expectant and creative state of mind. That then will be a magnet for good things to be attracted to you.

Decide to bring more awareness into your life and to notice what is going on in and around you. An aware person realises that their judgements may not always be right because they know they perceive the world through filters of perception. They know they bring their owsn biases, prejudices and beliefs to every decision and recognise that it is necessary to listen to others? opinions as they can be just as valid as their own. As you gain in awareness you change your perception of reality and this gives you a new perspective of the world around you. As your awareness expands you see more of your inner self and your outer world and you are able to effect real change in your life.

Change is a matter of choice; you can accept conditions as they exist or you can accept responsibility for changing them. If you are willing to change and stop listening to the negatives of the world, spend the time reading inspirational books, listen to CD?s that talk about how the mind works and point the way to a successful future and associate with positive and successful people. Whatever you focus your thoughts on becomes a reality in your life. If you are willing to change, a whole new world will open up before you.


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