eBay Cash Formula


eBay has grown to be the largest and most successful online auction and shopping website business in the history of the internet. Since it began in 1995 its international market has grown to such an extent that it is now in all over the world and on every continent.

eBay has become an internationally diverse community marketplace of individuals and small businesses selling goods and services entirely online. Millions of items are listed over thousands of categories. There is a massive choice of goods for the buyer and hundreds of millions of prospective buyers available for the seller to tap into. There is no physical store and no middleman. eBay itself doesn't buy or sell anything. It merely provides a platform to bring buyers and sellers together. The site provides a relatively safe environment where one can trade products, both new and used, with confidence. Sales can be either in an auction style listing where sellers put items up for sale to the highest bidder, or a traditional fixed-price format called "Buy it Now" (BIN) which allows the customer to buy a product when they want it at a known set price.

The site is simple to use, free for buyers and inexpensive for sellers. It costs nothing to become a member and there No part of the Book may be used or reproduced in any manner without the express consent of Zaffar Publications are no monthly fees or hidden costs. Almost anything can be sold on eBay both large and small, from cars and electronics to clothing, books and games. It is also the largest market place for collectables, including rare and hard to find items. This makes it the best known and most popular internet shopping destination.

As in any community you can encounter both honest and dishonest people on eBay; however, the company has put in a number of tools to ensure safety and fairness for everyone. They have a full time staff to monitor the system and their tools include a user feedback system, a security centre and bidding histories.

PayPal, offered by eBay, is a safe and secure method to pay and get paid online. It offers a choice of payment type. Goods can be paid straight from the balance in the PayPal account or a bank account or credit or debit card as long as the PayPal account is linked to one of these funding sources. It is free for buyers and available in 23 major currencies.

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