Write a Book in 5 Steps


We all have a book in us. Every experience we have in life is unique to each of us and the knowledge we have gained through those experiences can be of benefit to others. A great way to achieve this is by writing a book giving information, tips and tricks that may be of use to others with the same interests as you. Both parties receive something from the exchange of this material so the effort on your part is worthwhile.

Your need or decision to write a book may have come about in a number of ways. You may have had a secret wish to put pen to paper for many years or you may have a sudden urge to write; perhaps you may have been asked to write a book without ever having thought about such a possibility. Somewhere awareness has arisen within you that a book is possible. When this awareness translates into a belief in yourself that you can do it your enthusiasm and drive will rise to new heights. Remember - if you can talk you can write!

We all have the ability and potential to write a book because we have a mind that is an amazing and powerful tool. We can't use that ability, however, if there is no awareness of the power of our mind and how it can enable us to recognise, understand and utilise our ability to its full potential. By developing an awareness of how our mind functions we establish a solid belief in our own ability to write. This enhances our creativity and enables us to experience the joy that comes when we produce the desired results.

Writing a book certainly needs creativity and a communicative mind but creativity without structure is like a horse running off without the cart that holds the necessities for completing the job. Those necessities may include such things as effort, research, planning, structure, practice and stickability. All these things can sound rather daunting without two other very important additions to the cart - loving what you do and having fun while you do it. So how do you keep the horse attached to the cart? By moving aside from the pace of life and spending time alone to bring your thought processes under control.

A cyclone derives its power from its calm centre and in the same way we derive our power from quietness. Both intuition and creative imagination function well in times of silence and isolation and quietness produces excellent strategic thought. This time can be used to think about your reasons for writing a book and to plan and set guidelines to keep you on course as you write.

The very act of writing a book will not only increase your self-esteem by being able to share your know-how in your field, it will increase your skill base and writing is a skill that is very valuable, whatever your profession. Why not follow your dream and make a start now.

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