The Power of Persistence

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What is Persistence?

The word “persist” literally means “to refuse to give up”. Persistence is the power of your will to never give up what you have set out to do, even in the face of challenges, opposition and failure. It is the power of continuous effort.

How Can I Persist?

Develop an “I can do it” approach and don’t allow doubt to enter your mind. Know that you will have opposition and challenges, but if you have an intense desire to achieve your goal and you keep loyal to your goal, i.e. keep your goal firmly at the centre of your vision, you will be able to keep your focus, your interest and your drive to attain your vision.

What are the Benefits of Persistence?

Persistence produces initiative, imagination and self-reliance and ability to and a never-ending effort for improvement. Persistence allows you to develop a persistent attitude and continue steadfastly in a course of action despite your feelings and in spite of opposition. It empowers your purpose so that your planning will be failure-proof. Persistence brings success.


Persistence is a skill to be learned and it is determined by the power of your will. When you are determined to reach your goal despite obstacles and disappointments, persistence will carry you through. Persistence produces action and when your actions are consistent you will remain loyal to your goal. Despite difficulties persistence will help you remain steadfast and face obstacles with confidence. When you know what you want out of life and set your goals to obtain it, persistent effort will see you through to success.
The word ‘persist’ literally means “to refuse to give up”. It is the ability to keep going, to stay the course, when times get tough. There is nothing half-way, lukewarm or half-hearted about persistence. It is bold, daring and fearless. Persistence does not hesitate but goes after what it wants and keeps plugging until it gets results.

When discouragement tries to bury you in self-pity; when it seems as though your efforts toward your goal have been in vain, remember that “nothing in the world can take the place of persistence” (Coolidge). Remind yourself that it is not always the people with the most education or talent who make the grade; it is often the ‘plodders’, the people who doggedly refuse to give up. Most failures are traced to a lack of persistence and not a lack of aptitude, talent or ability. There is a lot to be said for just hanging in there – persistence and a stubborn streak have their rewards. Our history is peppered with stories of people who demonstrated no particular talent or superior intelligence but displayed one common characteristic – they were persistent – with the result that they achieved incredible levels of achievement.

Persistence is an essential factor in the procedure which changes desire into success. Cultivate a habit of persistence – it is the key to realising your heart’s desires and maintaining them. The desire to achieve must come from deep within you creating a flow of energy to produce new power for ultimate victory. When you are aware of the power of persistence you know that every time there is a challenge, that power will rise and be released to work for you and through you. What you persist in doing will become easier as your capacity and strength grow.

Striving to improve everything you do takes time, effort and sacrifice but the rewards are worth it. Persistent people are a separated people who will not succumb to the limitations placed on them by others and that is the price you must pay to continue your quest for success. It separates the ‘doers’ from those who have already given up and those who will always start tomorrow and it separates the courageous from the fearful.

When you work on any big goal your determination will wax and wane. Sometimes you will feel you can keep going, sometimes you won’t; however, it’s not your determination that will produce results – it’s your action! Persistence is the ability to maintain action regardless of your feelings; you press on even when you feel like giving up. If you simply keep taking action you will eventually get results and results can give you the impetus to keep working toward further goals.

Persistence lies at the root of success. Your reservoir of strength and courage will be the product of your high level of intent to succeed. When you refuse to give up or let distractions turn you away from your goal, you unconsciously reinforce your dedication to your vision. Your determination and persistence will carry you forward to ultimate success.

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