The Power of Forgiveness

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What is Forgiveness?

It is the act of pardoning yourself or someone else for a mistake or wrong-doing; to stop resenting somebody for their behaviour towards you.

How Can I Forgive?

The best way to forgive is to forget the hurt. That means letting go the resentment, anger and other negative emotions that we so often hang on to and replacing them with positive emotions of peace, love, joy and harmony.

What Benefits do I get when I Forgive?

True forgiveness is therapeutic. It can have a positive effect on your health such as lowering blood pressure and boosting your immune system. When you forgive someone you take responsibility for your own happiness and you are no longer controlled by anger.


Be careful of your emotional response to difficult situations. Resentment is a major negative attitude which can eat at your very soul. By contrast, forgiveness of heart and mind clears the way for inner peace and future progress bringing harmony and overall well-being physically, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

Forgiveness is one of the strongest of all the powers we possess deep in our spirit and it is a power which we have great difficulty understanding and putting into action. Harnessing and positively using something so powerful takes a great deal of inner strength to be responsible with our life.

We tend to equate forgiveness with weakness but in reality it takes a strong person to forgive. We need to practice forgiveness every day because we store so many negative attitudes in our emotions, many of which we are not even consciously aware. Resentment is a major negative attitude which can eat at the very soul of a person and it is caused by our own emotional response to a situation. If you harbour resentment you tend to make unreasonable demands on yourself and others and add power to an already negative incident. This prevents you from thinking freely and adds new conflicts to an already difficult situation.

The first person you inevitably need to forgive is yourself. Your ability to move forward hinges on your capacity to let go of painful experiences in your past which may have caused remorse and regret. The longer you cling to trauma, the more you will generate more negative thoughts, emotions and actions. When you forgive yourself, you will be better able to forgive others. To complete the healing process, love and accept yourself for the wonderful person that you are.

Forgiveness is a choice. A choice to forgive or not is a choice that we have the inalienable right of free will to exercise. When you refuse to forgive you are making the other person responsible for your happiness and allowing your anger toward them to control you. When you choose to forgive that person, however, you take responsibility for your own happiness and you are no longer controlled by your anger. So do not waste time holding a grudge, even toward those who have treated you unjustly. You will meet such people along the way, as you rise toward success. Forgive them and release them, forget the hurt and move on. Nobody can keep your success from you but yourself. Forgiveness is operating in the present where hurt and anger are forgotten and no longer hold power.

Refuse to dwell on old feelings. True forgiveness is not based on feelings. It certainly begins in the heart with understanding, perception and love and then, through awareness, it bases itself in the mind and becomes an act of your will. That means when you forgive someone you must decide that your forgiveness is permanent. Forgiveness reconciles people to each other and love cements the bond.

When you properly, consistently and ?consciously? implement the power of forgiveness into your life, refuse to judge and choose always to exercise an ?attitude of gratitude?, you will experience your personal ability to attract and create your life in a positive manner. Give yourself the gift of forgiveness today and it will release you and transform your life into one of great blessing, peace and joy.

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