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Learn how to handle "Disappointing Situations to Major Crisis" (practical guide).

Learn how to stay in power at difficult times.

Learn how to handle failures in any field of your life.

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So What






It doesn’t take special knowledge to get through these difficulties in your life, just an understanding of how to harness your thoughts so you can see through the problem and realise that you do have a life on the other side of the roadblock in front of you.

Get your eyes off the problems and put yourself back in control. Discover a refreshing new way of living today

You can master the living force, the dynamic energy that is your thought process.

When you become aware of how your perception of life affects your attitudes you will understand how your thoughts and emotions affect your realities.

Do you feel like you are a rubber band – being pulled and pushed and twisted every which way? Life is like that – constantly expanding and contracting.

LIFE’S EXPANSION TIMES are the good times but where there is an expansion there has to be

A CONTRACTION which translates into valley experiences when simply nothing seems to go right; when everything bad that can happen seems to come our way, whether it is a disappointment, a lost relationship or even a death of a loved one.

You can’t have an expansion without a contraction – however, you can learn how to prepare for the lean times, for every contraction will form something in you, for better or for worse. When you know how to handle a contraction in your life you will feel exhilarated and be inspired to do anything you put your mind to. You will also be stronger for the experience.

You need never be a victim when you realise you always have choices. When you read this book you will know which choices to make and which direction to take in life. It will help you take control of your future.

Within the pages of this book are many examples of how to handle difficult circumstances in all areas of life.

Have you failed in business? Has there been a death in the family? Do you have a difficult relationship with your spouse or problems in your workplace? These and many more examples are worked through to show you the choices you have and the possibilities available to you to get you through the dark times.

You can be an over-comer - You will be guided step by step through the process of how to overcome hardships and challenges, how to deal with failure and how to change your circumstances by teaching your mind to work in your favour.

You can fine-tune your belief system so that you will become master of your thoughts, habits and beliefs and not a servant to them. Learn to use your mind to your advantage.

Discover how to live in “the now” by leaving the past behind and acknowledging that every end is a new beginning. Now, today is the time to live life to the full, even if you are journeying through a valley experience. Use it to plan your future, for the action you take today will give you the results you reap tomorrow.

The “So what” mindset does not trivialise what has happened but it does understand that you have a choice; that there are a number of ways to handle everything from disappointing situations to major crises.

Life is like a rubber band - constantly expanding and contracting. Expansion times are the good times – our mountain top experiences. We make new friends, expand our knowledge, enter into new relationships, perhaps bring new life into the world, and get a bigger and better job, etc. Those are the halcyon days when everything seems perfect, there is money in the bank and our relationships are blossoming; we know we are loved by family and friends. Where there is expansion, however, there must also be a time of contraction. These times can be valley experiences when simply nothing seems to go right; when everything bad that can happen seems to come our way, whether it is a number of small disappointments, a lost relationship, sickness, even death in the family.

Our periods of expansion are easy and often exciting times that we hope will never end. In our heart of hearts, however, we know they cannot last forever and that a contraction, or valley experience, may be just around the corner. It is imperative that we learn to handle the contractions of life so they become valuable experiences instead of dead-end streets. Within every contraction lies the seed of every expansion and vice versa.

There are two ways to handle life’s difficulties and they both come back to ‘attitude’. You can play the ‘victim’ and think to yourself, “Why me, it’s just not fair” and make your life miserable or you can acknowledge that you are going through a difficult period in your life, for whatever reason, and seek a solution. When you are willing to release yourself from being a victim you open the pathway to become a victor. You need never be a victim when you realise you always have choices and you are prepared to take responsibility for those choices. Every contraction will form something in you, for better or for worse. We all want our lives to mean something; to feel we exist for a reason. Often we discover the meaning for that existence during the difficult patches we go through, when we are thrown from our comfort zone and find life unpredictable and uncomfortable.

The power generated from your spirit during these times will release either positive or negative energy. Just which energy is released depends on your state of mind and what is uppermost in your heart. If you can go through a failure or overcome an emotional valley and come out the other side knowing you have beaten it, you will be a better and stronger person for the experience. If, however, you cave in under pressure and think the world is against you, you will retreat within yourself and depression can follow.

Don’t let your thoughts lock you away from the outside world and don’t make decisions when you are angry. When you are at the end of your tether, when you feel you just can’t go on – dig deep because your body will do what your mind tells it to do. Discouraging thoughts, at best can weaken your body and at worst bring disease. It is not just positive thinking that will get you through; it must be a change of mindset; one that acknowledges that every end is a new beginning.

Nothing is by chance for running through every life is a pattern. If you doubt yourself, you will doubt everything and everybody. If you judge yourself you will judge everything and everybody. Instead, decide to create a pattern for success in your life. Success doesn’t just happen by accident, it is governed by your attitude, by the choices you make and by the skills you master so embrace the life you want.

Poverty and prosperity are not necessarily things – they can be a state of mind. That means that if you have a mainly negative outlook your expectations will be low and poverty, i.e. not only lack of money, but insular thinking and lack of creativity, may well be the result. If, however, your outlook is positive and expectant your mind will be creative and prosperity, i.e. not only financially, but happiness and contentment, will result. If you can say, “So what - Life is for living and I will not give up!” it will take you in a new and exciting direction to new encounters and better results. It will enable you to enjoy the adventure of living and give you peace in your heart.

Gain the “So What Attitude” now by reading this book.

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