Hope, Loyalty And Sharing

Hope is the expectation of future good and hope always exists within you. Never give up hoping, envisioning, anticipating and believing; fill your mind with eager expectation. Hope allows you to look forward toward your goal in a state of sustained optimism and when teamed with persistence becomes a force that makes it impossible to fail.

When faced with defeat, refuse to give up, stay focused and remain loyal to your goal. Persistence empowers your purpose and develops amazing results. Although loyalty can require courage and firmness of spirit, if you don’t give up it will be impossible for you not to be successful. Despite the 20 disappointments you will have overcome along the way, being loyal to your goal will produce faith in yourself and a strong resolution to succeed.

The way to achieve true happiness and fulfilment in your life is to share and provide value to others without requiring anything in return. The process is very powerful. When you share with others, whether it is goods, knowledge, expertise or wisdom, time or resources, you will never lose; rather, by helping others you will, indirectly, be helping yourself. The way you share is very personal, as each person will do it in their own way. The object is to do it often and make it part of the way you live your life. That way you will grow as a person and it will give you a great quality of life. It is a circle in which the more you give the more you receive and the more you receive the more you are able, and inclined, to give. In the end all parties benefit.

Detour And ‘Thinking Outside The Box’

When failure happens or mistakes occur, don’t give up – look for a detour. Think of your journey as a road trip and failure as a roadblock. You have 3 options. You can turn back and give up completely, you can sit at the roadblock and do nothing, hoping things return to normal soon or you can follow the ‘detour’ sign to your destination, i.e., the successful achievement of your goal. If you are prepared to recognise that in failure there is power for success – a detour available to get you back on track – you will not be discouraged by the failure and you will learn from it.

What kind of thinker are you? Are you rigid, constrained and unimaginative in your thinking; a person who prefers routine, or are you adventurous and innovative and prepared to explore many ideas for solutions to problems? The latter thinkers are those who think ‘outside the box’. They are highly creative, flexible, adaptable and resilient people who are always prepared to learn something new. They are ‘lifelong learners’; people with an inquisitive mind who won’t and don’t give up. The key to success in today’s technologyheavy and fast-changing environment is to keep an open mind and continue learning as fast as you can. Just keep on thinking ‘outside the box’.

Staying power against opposition, obstacles, resistance and rejection is essential if you are to succeed. Difficulties exist and everyone has pressures and problems that can make you want to give up. It takes staying power to overcome those difficulties and the most successful people look for new solutions, find their detour and refuse to give up. Challenges and obstacles will loom in front of you on a regular basis. You have a choice. You can either give in to the challenges, which means you are setting yourself up to fail or you can work out a way to overcome them. If you focus only on the solution, if you remain true to your goal and determine to detour around the challenge, you will overcome any set-backs. Your mind is the only thing in this world that you control. Master it; don’t submit your mind, which has such wonderful possibilities, to any other human being. Persist every day, endure, and you will achieve.


Persistence is never giving up what one has set out to do, especially in the face of what may seem insurmountable difficulties. Striving to improve everything you do takes time, effort and sacrifice but the rewards are worth it. It is vitally important that you stay on track and that will take physical and mental stamina. You will face opposition and challenges, but if you keep your goal firmly in front of you, you will attain your vision. When you work on any big goal, your determination will wax and wane; however it’s not your determination that will produce results – it’s your action! Persistence is the ability to maintain action regardless of your feelings and eventually get results.

The greatest challenge is to follow your passion; it needs engagement on a daily basis. Passion is a strong emotion that comes from the values at the core of your being; a powerful driving force that has long term staying power. It is an attitude, a way of life. Passion and persistence go hand in hand; persistence channels the intensity of passion and makes it work in a focused and productive manner. Apply your passion to every area of your life and you will see the difference between just getting by and real success.

Balance is wisdom and you should design goals for each area of your life, though not in isolation. Balance each goal with your other goals and your life will be happy, dynamic and purposeful. If you balance your life by eating properly, exercising regularly and keeping a positive and happy attitude to life you will have energy, determination and wisdom to persist and overcome the challenges that you meet on your journey to success.

Repetition is important to change old, unwanted, negative habits into new, positive habits of persistence, resolute determination and purpose if your goal is to be realised. You may be rejected many times, you may have twenty disappointments before you reach your goal but you will continue to persist until failure turns into success.

Massive Actions

Massive action is focusing and continually taking substantial action no matter what happens. It is planning to do much, much more than is necessary to accomplish your goal and then doing it – in massive quantities. By progressively doing more and going beyond what others expect, and indeed what you expect of yourself, you create a whole new level in your life. Esteem comes when you are truly determined to do something and prepared to take massive action to achieve it. Massive action is not static; it is living, vibrant, full of movement and flow and when you make use of it you invite your potential to unfold producing life, growth and vitality. Investment in your vision means engagement on a daily basis with focused and massive action.

You need to make decisions that will empower you and create the life you deserve but such decisions must be backed up with determination and action. You can never do anything or reach great heights if you do not fully engage in what you are doing. The difference between mediocrity and greatness is Engagement on a Daily Basis.

Consistent Actions

It is not enough to plan – you must consistently work your plan. Being consistent means having an action plan which you engage in daily to achieve results that are measurable. Many actions need to be repeated on a regular basis until they create results so you need to be persistent and determined to achieve your purpose, often against all odds. Consistent action, therefore, is producing the required results with undivided and unwavering resolve. Consistent persistence is the prelude to excellence.

Focused Actions

Begin with the end in mind and focus your action on achieving results. When you use wisdom and focus on one major project at a time you will yield excellent results. Focus your energies on training your mind to remain enthusiastic and to be decisive in your actions. Where the focus goes the energy flows so focus your mind and energy on the highest priority task at hand. Take inspiration from people who are consistently aligning their decisive actions with their goals; they are usually successful. Decisiveness is an important precept in any action your take; get to know it intimately.

Obstacles and Perseverance
As soon as you engage to act toward a goal, obstacles will appear; it merely means you are on course to your goal. One of the most challenging and exciting aspects of achieving what you desire is working out solutions to hurdles you may come across. Many obstacles are mistakes we have made ourselves. Learn how to handle them and profit from them. Develop the habit of converting obstacles into opportunities. If you have the will and determination, you will find a way.

Handling Change
The one constant in life is change, so stay in control, embrace it and use your imagination to take advantage of opportunities that always present themselves when change occurs. It takes wisdom to know when to make changes and alter your course to help you arrive at your destination. A desire for change must include making the right choices if it is to be lasting and consistent and of real value. The process of change may mean stepping into unfamiliar territory and taking some risks or altering your attitude and actions to bring the desired result. No matter what your goals, change is inevitable and whenever change is involved it means there is an opportunity for growth. When you open yourself to change, you open yourself to a new dimension of endless possibilities.


Rather than try to force a path through the thick undergrowth of trial and error, it may be wise to share your plans and goals with someone who knows about strategies and can refine your thinking; a person who has developed and proven the principles over many years and who has demonstrated positive results. Such a person is a Mentor. With their vast knowledge, Mentors can take a fresh look at you and what you are trying to achieve and show you other possibilities and give you positive feedback. Such people are trusted guides. They can be people you know personally who can stand beside you and talk you through to success or they may be people you know only through reading their biographies and their story may affect you so powerfully you are challenged by their experiences and their strength of purpose that brought them ultimate success.

Mentors are people with whom you can share all your hopes and aspirations, confident they will help you reach and grasp your dream; they are people you want to model your life after. Mentors are counsellors, protectors, guides, advisors and instructors who can expand your thinking and provide you with the principles you need to take you to success. If you cannot find a mentor or coach, then you should have at least partner. Something is better than nothing.


There are two ways to gain the wisdom you need for success. One way is to learn from your own life; the second is to study the lives of others. Learning through personal experience is certainly effective but it can be expensive in time and in overcoming mistakes or failures. These days with our expanded means of communication it is possible to read books, listen to CD’s, watch videos and explore the internet. They will give you an abundance of ideas, strategies and tactics that will ensure your success and the confidence to go with it. Diligently search for the knowledge you need and the right idea will come your way, often when you least expect it. The more you understand about a subject, the more confident you will become in your decision-making.

When you have ‘run out of ideas’; however, it is wise to get outside help from knowledgeable people. Being prepared to ‘ask’ is an important skill to acquire and it will enable you to learn from other people’s experience. Ask intelligently and be specific. Sometimes the questions the other person asks you in return can open up an area of possible action you had not previously thought of. Gaining knowledge is an investment in effort. Observe those who have already created patterns of winning behaviour; listen to them and learn their attitudes and strategies. The right kind of knowledge will minimise your dependence on others and allow you to be in control of your own destiny.

It is pointless to acquire knowledge for knowledge sake. It should always translate into action – provide an impetus which leads to action. When you have a strong desire to reach a goal, you will search for the knowledge which will help you action your plan to reach your goal. True prosperity comes only to those who seek it but it can be difficult to do it all alone. There are those who have the wisdom, the experience and the knowledge, who can help you achieve your goal more quickly and easily than when you try to do it all yourself.

Basic Knowledge – Not Too Much

If you want to succeed in your given area, it will be necessary to equip yourself for the work ahead. When you have some knowledge – some skills – you will be able to weigh up the pros and cons of possible paths to take. Find out enough information to be able to work your plan. Don’t spend all your time gaining knowledge, time is limited and the activity of gaining knowledge does not always mean accomplishment; instead, determine priorities for achieving effectiveness. If you have a strong desire to move forward and believe you can do better, nothing can hold you back. Keep your mind open and receptive to opportunities that can help you make further progress. Listen, analyse and evaluate all that you see and hear.

It is dangerous to think you have learned all you need to know. The enemy of learning is thinking that you know it all and that is arrogance. You are the one responsible for whether you move forward or stand still. If you are willing to learn, willing to master your business, willing to keep an open mind, then you can succeed at anything you put your mind to. Maintain an attitude of being prepared to learn and to be diligent in all you do. Attitude is not blind faith or just luck; it is a science. If you nurture a positive attitude you will not get caught up in problems that come across your path, but you will immediately look for solutions. The right knowledge will help you find a formula for handling difficulties that present themselves more than once.

Divide Your Plan Into Manageable 2-20 Small Portions

Taking small steps is probably one of the most, if not the most, important factor when it comes to achieving the big goals and it will increase your odds of succeeding. When you set your goal and write down your overall plan, break down that plan into smaller, more manageable and achievable tasks. Setting small tasks will help you start with small successes that will give you a sense of achievement. Each successful step creates confidence and builds momentum. Having a dynamic and active plan for each day, week and month to reach your goal will provide a sense of direction and allow you to focus your energy on opportunities to grow and improve. Action is essential to success but you must know why you are taking certain actions and make sure they are on track toward the fulfilment of your goals. Knowing your priorities will take away much of the pressure.

For every plan there will always be obstacles on the way to achievement. Keep a positive attitude and recognise obstacles but do not fear them. Plans may need to change to overcome difficulties but don’t let it change your goal. Your journey will take persistence and perseverance but hang in there – you will eventually be successful.