How Zaffar Khan Addressed Australians’ After-Hours Medical Needs

Zaffar Khan understood that each year, thousands of Australians at some point require the assistance of a general practitioner (GP) during after-hours. Zaffar Khan, a popular author and businessman who moved and built a life in Australia, quickly realised this and wanted to address this demand. That’s when Dial A Home Doctor began.

What Is Dial A Home Doctor?

It is a company that provides bulk-billed GPs for patients of all ages needing medical assistance during after-hours, weekends, public holidays or when the office of their regular doctor is closed. The service is designed to get a highly-qualified GP to come to the patient’s home as swiftly as possible with just one phone call or confirmed booking.

Zaffar Khan: Making A Difference In Australia’s Health Care Service

As the founder and owner of the company, Zaffar Khan is committed to fulfilling the goal of Dial A Home Doctor that is to maintain continuity of health care for patients and ensure all health needs are managed, specifically during after-hours.

He believes that this service makes a difference in the lives of many Australian patients. It gives them relief and peace of mind knowing they can rely on bulk-billed GPs to provide medical assistance even after regular hours.

Zaffar Khan also wants to help take the pressure off the already busy hospital emergency departments, which is where most patients traditionally would end up. Doctors, as a result, are able to care for more patients in the emergency rooms of medical facilities across the country.

How Zaffar Khan’s Dial A Home Doctor Works


Patients can call or book an appointment with a GP for after-hours medical assistance. The service is available during Mondays through Fridays, 6 PM – 8 AM, Saturdays from 12 PM, and 24 hours on Sundays and during public holidays.

Doctor Is Dispatched

Dial A Home Doctor focuses on providing patients with the most timely care. In 90% of cases, doctors will arrive within two hours of the call.

Consultation With The Doctor

All doctors that work for the company are fully registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (APHRA) as required by the Australian Medical Board. They can diagnose and treat most conditions or injuries. As a deputising service, all GPS are trained to deal with category 4 and 5 medical issues.

Details Sent To Your Regular General Practitioner

It is important to understand that the doctors at Dial A Home Doctor do not replace your regular GP. Their service is only to provide medical support after-hours or when your doctor cannot accept patients. Therefore, any details of the treatment provided will be sent to your regular GP the next day.

Zaffar Khan started Dial A Home Doctor, initially to address a service demand. Today, he is beyond proud that his company has been able to help so many Australian patients. Together with his trusted, efficient and reliable medical teams, Zaffar Khan’s Dial A Home Doctor will continue to provide the best after-hours health care that its patients deserve.