There are two ways to gain the wisdom you need to move forward. One way is to learn from your own life; the second is to study the lives of others. The most effective way of learning is through personal experience, but this can be expensive in time and in overcoming mistakes or failures. Reading and learning from others is an easier start towards becoming successful in your chosen field of endeavour. The more you read the more likely you are to become your own expert. These days, with our expanded methods of communication, it is possible to read books, listen to CD’s, watch videos and explore the internet. They will give you an abundance of ideas, strategies and tactics that will ensure your success, and the confidence to go with it. Take the time to question and learn from others. Learn from other people’s experience and learn from their failures as well as from their successes. The more you understand about a subject the more confident you will become in your decision-making. Be focused – this will take an engagement on a daily basis on your part.

When you have just ‘run out of ideas’, however, it is wise to get outside help. Sometimes it can be nothing more than talking to a trusted friend and using them as a sounding board; as you delve into your mind and put into words your difficulties and frustrations, often the answers will come from within you. Sometimes the questions the other person asks you can open up an area of possible action you had not previously thought of.

So, when you need information or help, first ASK! It is an important skill to learn. Too many people are not prepared to open their mouths – some from a fear of rejection, others because of ego. Then they spend precious time trying to find their answer in a long and convoluted way. ‘Ask and you shall receive’. First, ask intelligently and be specific. Second, ask with faith – believe and have faith in yourself. Third, ask with curious enthusiasm – it is contagious. Most people are only too willing to help you if you are prepared to be the student and learn. Secondly, SEARCH! The Bible says, “If you search (and keep searching) you shall find.” Searching is a great way to discover new knowledge which creates new ideas. Diligently search for the knowledge you need and the right idea will come your way, often when you least expect it.

Knowledge will help you and promote enthusiasm for what you are doing. If you meet life with enthusiasm and the right attitude, life has a way of responding to you in the same way.

Gaining knowledge is an investment in effort. It is worthwhile to invest your time in accumulating knowledge and your efforts will have a profound effect on the amount of knowledge you gain. Observe those who have already created patterns of winning behaviour. Listen to them and learn their attitudes and strategies. Often it is not until we actually meet someone and hear what they have to say that everything falls into place.

Louis Pasteur once said, “… chance favours only the mind that is prepared.”

Chance will not help you remain in control of your plans and goals; only knowledge can do that so you can plot your course, examine your moves and have peace of mind towards the progress of your goal. It will also minimise your dependence on others, creating less problems with communications. It means being in control of that to which you have committed yourself. This does not mean dominating the lives of others but having the confidence to be in control of your own destiny. It also means others do not have control over you, such as changing markets or variations of direction. These things can take over without notice if you are not aware and knowledgeable in a given situation. Control means not being manipulated or frustrated by people or events.

Most importantly, you need knowledge to keep up with technology.

In Mal Emery’s book, “Your Right to be Rich” he tells the story of a group of scientists known as “The Club of Rome” who, in 1971, set out to determine how long it would take for the world’s oil resources to ‘dry up’. The conclusion they reached was that it would take another 40 years. Oil price skyrockets at what point??? Twenty years later, in 1991, this same group met to reassess their previous findings. This time, they concluded that the oil resources of the world would last another ninety years! How could two different studies, both with the same agenda, yield such vastly different results? How could they get it so wrong?

Well, they didn’t really get it wrong at all! So, what happened to cause such a yawning chasm between the two conclusions? Technology! Knowledge. The initial findings of the group were based on what was possible in 1971. What they couldn’t possibly account for were the advances in technology which would change their results so dramatically. Some of the technological advances included machinery capable of retrieving oil from deep beneath the ocean floor, more sophisticated refinement of raw materials and of course, the improvement in combustion which lead to better use of oil as a resource. Try buying a new car with a carburettor, for example and you’ll find that it is no longer possible – they use fuel injection.

Books, videos, CD’s and the internet are all very helpful and necessary in your search for the knowledge to help you reach your target. Their contents help you understand the principles. If you don’t understand the principles, then, when you see them in action you won’t recognise them for what they are or what they can do.

Another excellent aid to gaining knowledge is to write everything down. Make use of a diary and when people share needed information with you, write it down. Eventually your diary will become a repository of valuable information which you will treasure.

It is pointless to acquire knowledge for knowledge sake. It should always translate into action. Knowledge should provide an impetus which leads to action. When you have a strong desire to reach a goal, you will search for the knowledge which will help you action your plan to reach your goal.

True prosperity comes only to those who seek it but it can be difficult to do it all alone. There are those who have the wisdom, the experience and the knowledge, who can help you achieve your goal more quickly and more easily than when you try to do it all yourself.

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