How the Mind Works

To fully utilise the power of the creative mind it is necessary to become aware of just how all the parts of our mind work.

Conventional thought teaches us that we have two minds – the conscious and the subconscious mind. These are two absolutely distinct selves within us and both are intelligent, but while one is conscious the other is unconscious. Although each one works independently they always co-operate with one another when necessary. There is a part of the subconscious, however, that forms a third mind which is called the ‘creative level of mind’.

The Conscious Mind
Nearly 30 years ago computers were used to merely process and store information. Today they are used for just about everything and they are a key element of our lives. We know they can do more than just store and process information, but just how much they may be able to do we are yet unsure although we continue to expand their possibilities daily.

Your mind is like a computer except you are only using it to record and process information; it does not have the ability to create anything. The conscious mind learns through the five senses then it judges, remembers and compares, evaluates and analyses and observes and labels what it perceives through the senses. Critical thinking occurs in this state of mind. The conscious mind has also been given the wonderful gift of choice, but it is limited in its wisdom, therefore, it often makes mistakes. It is, however, capable of doing more. If you know how to use your mind correctly you can create everything you want in life.

An aware person realises that their judgements may not always be right because they know they perceive the world through filters of perception. They know they bring their own biases, prejudices and beliefs to every decision and recognise that it is necessary to listen to others’ opinions as they can be just as valid, if not more so, than their own. A person who is aware of their perceptions can begin to consider new ideas, shift their thinking and effect real change in their life.

Unfortunately, for those who are unaware that this is how the mind works, change is often difficult, if not impossible. They continually keep the same mind set and repeat the same patterns over and over again, never learning from past mistakes.

Just like a computer the conscious mind relies on other components to make it work – mainly the subconscious and the creative level of mind.

The Subconscious/Unconscious Mind
The metaphor of an iceberg is a good illustration of the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious mind very well. The tip of the iceberg represents our conscious mind, the part of our thinking we are aware of, and the part of the iceberg below the waterline represents our unconscious mind. Lastly, the waterline itself represents imagination (the creative level of mind), the membrane through which the conscious and unconscious minds pass information.

The iceberg metaphor also illustrates that, at any given moment, consciously we are only aware of a fraction of the total information at our disposal. The rest we are largely unaware of. The subconscious mind, just like the iceberg below the waterline, is vastly larger than the conscious mind and far more powerful. It not only contains vast potential and possibilities, it is also the storehouse for all our memories from the beginning of our lives. It controls the events of our lives according to the instructions we have given it. Those instructions are called belief systems, or paradigms.

One of the most important aspects of the subconscious is that it automatically directs the creative level of mind to carry out all of our habituated behavioural patterns for us – the way we walk and sit, etc. The subconscious also breathes us; keeps our hearts pumping and circulates the blood throughout our body; it is in charge of digestion and elimination and carries out all involuntary functions of our body. Our subconscious mind never requires sleep – it works for us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year.

Intricately interwoven with the subconscious is the third mind – the creative level of mind. All three minds are intertwined and work in conjunction with each other. The creative level is the area from where our intuition and imagination rise. It is also the energetic source of power for our creations. The ideas we receive and the creative ability we possess comes from this part of the subconscious.

The subconscious is also the home of our emotions – which is why it dominates the conscious mind. We know this is true because in most cases our emotions will easily overrule our rational mind and our will. When there is conflict between the conscious and subconscious minds, the subconscious almost always wins out. The subconscious never judges, analyses or rationalises; it simply accepts all information presented to it. It can’t tell the difference between an actual experience and an imaginary experience that is vividly repeated. It has no desires or volition of its own, yet it has infinite knowledge and powers. It acts in response to suggestions given it by your conscious mind and it works to bring about the exact condition you believe in.

The subconscious mind creates everything in your life based on the messages and information you send to it. These messages are your thoughts, beliefs and actions and a large percentage of them are working against you. If you constantly think and speak in a negative manner you will reap a negative reality. If you don’t think you will be capable of accomplishing your goals – you will never accomplish any of them. If you think there are no opportunities for you – the right opportunity will never appear. Why? Because the subconscious mind always works on the information you send it. It does not analyse the information, as the conscious mind does, it is quite impersonal. Whatever you send it, it will produce. It is like an automatic guidance system within you. If you send positive messages of success goals it will produce success. If you send negative messages it will produce failure.

How does it do this? Once the subconscious mind receives the message from the conscious mind it connects with people and events that will help create the situation based on your message. If you are certain of success with your goals the mind will draw you to the people and events that will help you attain your goals. It is important to understand that the messages to your subconscious mind are not just your thoughts. Everything you do, say and consciously believe is picked up by the subconscious mind.

There is a saying, ‘What you say is what you get’. Countless people limit their happiness and success in life because they never realise the importance of words; words of all kinds. If you expect the best, and say so, you will receive the best. If you expect the worst and speak out your complaints, you will receive precisely what you have spoken, for ‘what is in the heart the mouth speaks’. It is your attitude to life that makes your life and you will always get exactly what you expect … good or bad.

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